Internship Experience

In October of 2016, I had accepted the Junior Software Engineer position at Fiber Mountain. Fiber Mountain is a company located in Cheshire, Connecticut, that specializes in creating Sofware Defined Networks for Data Centers in order to increase efficiency and reduce the cost in network equipment asquisitions and operations. At Fiber Mountain, I joined the Embedded Systems team where I currently develop embedded software systems intended for Linux environments using the C programming language. On a day to to day basis, I handle requirements, architecture, implementation and unit/ integration testing. I also provide work status updates electronically to company management as well as preparing any and all other regular and special documentation as determined by the Development Engineering Manager.

Thus Far, I have worked on the teams that have developed the following systems:

  • Developed a command line device driver using the IIC bus that enabled system programmers to read/write data to detected Mifare cards through a SL030 card reader on a Raspberry Pi.
  • Developed a command line interface that communicates with Fiber Mountain's Database to enable clients the ability to view and edit device specific information across all of Fiber Mountain Devices.

Relevant Course Experience

Having gotten exposed to embedded programming and even more interested with circuits and their relationship with embedded devices at Fiber Mountain, I wanted to delve deeper into this field. Fortunately, a robotics course was being offered at Quinnipiac University. During the course I had used a basic robotics platform con-trolled by an Arduino to explore simple circuits, sensors, and the relationship between sensors and behavior. Throughout the duration of the course, I was able to :

  • Discuss Ohm's Law, and its role in building circuits
  • Create circuits with simple elements
  • Discuss types of sensors, and how controllers communicate with them.
  • Develop robotic solutions to simple tasks
  • Develop robotic behavior based on sensor input