Personal Projects

Zooey - Application

A Senior project of John Aromando and I, Zooey is a virtual assistant aimed at improving the workflow of users. Originally written in C++ and then converted to Python, Zooey can aid users by performing the following :

  • Locate any file on your computer, open it, and then close it when specified
  • Perform 36 basic to advance mathematical calculations
  • Schedule, alter, and remove appointments in help manage the user's day
  • Access a particular search engine and search a specified topic
  • To chat locally across Zooey's Chat Server
  • To turn on/off lights wirelessly via a Raspberry Pi

Want to see the code? Click here

**This project was approved by the CCSCNE for display at their conference in April (2017) and is awarded inclusion in their Undergraduate Research Competition.**

Zooey - Chat Server

A side application written in Java, Zooey's chat server is a local chat server that enable local clients to connect and communicate with eachother. The chat server gives clients the ability to :

  • Create and join rooms, with the option of providing a password
  • Private message other users by username
  • As a note, all passwords are encrypted with a SHA1 algorithm

Want to view the code? Click here