Game Description

The Programmer is a top down terminal based puzzle game where the player is tasked with navigating through a variety of puzzles using a basic set of commands of moving up, left, right, or down a specified number of steps. The number of single and multi-commands, in addition to the max number of spots the user is allowed to move, are determined by the puzzle in order to challenge the player’s problem-solving skills. Add in that the puzzle changes as the player traverses throughout the puzzle, The Programmer pushes its users to solve problems by predicting a sequence of actions and reactions of a puzzle that enables the user to bypass the puzzle’s obstacles and complete the puzzle.

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My Role

As the design, art, and programmer lead for The Programmer, I was tasked with creating a system that satsfied the following behavior :

  • Create a command line interface that accepted a series of commands based upon which state the player was in.
  • Handle multi-command processing and error handling for parameterized commands.